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Men's Hydrate - For Dry to Very Dry Skin

Dry martinis are great however dry skin is not as quenching.  Several factors from genetics, extreme hot or cold weather, poor nutrition, smoking, allergic reactions, harsh cleansers, itchy fabrics, and even some medications can all lead to dry skin.  Remedy dry skin with our HYDRATE skin care line to correct the issue without any heavy or greasy feeling.  Formulated for the many thick layers of a man's skin, HYDRATE will penetrate them all to give you the comfort of well hydrated skin.


The Signs of Dry to Very Dry Skin 

  • Feels Tight
  • Feels like it Pulls, Stretches, or Tugs when you smile
  • Itchy
  • Flakey or Scale-like appearance
  • Begins to Crack, Split, or even Bleed


Correct the Problem

Using the three core products of our HYDRATE line will help stop dryness dead in it's track and assist your skin to U-turn in the right direction.  Formulated with all-natural, good-for-your-skin oils such as Sweet Almond, Apricot, and Coconut to replace your skin's missing oils without leaving that icky, heavy layer on your skin.  Add select Seabolt and Co. treatments to your daily tasks for a complete skin care regimen that won't mess up your routine.

STEP ONE: Cleanse

Every morning and night with the Hydrate Cleanser.

Recommended add-on step: Exfoliate. Two to three times per week, at night with the Face Scrub.

Recommended add-on step: Mask. Once or twice weekly, at night with the Face Mask.


Every morning and night after all cleansing steps (Cleanse, Exfoliate, and/or Mask) with the Hydrate Toner.

Recommended add-on step: Treatment. Every morning and night after you Tone and before you Moisturize we recommend adding the Firming Serum.

STEP THREE: Moisturize

Every morning and night with the Hydrate Moisturizer.

Recommended add-on step:  Eye Care. Every morning and night with our Eye Cream and/or our Eye Gel.  You may layer both together (applied on top of each other) or staggered (one product at night and the other during day).


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